Building An Unforgettable Brand

What makes a brand unforgettable?

Innovation, an excellent product, and going against the grain.

Steve Jobs created a legendary brand. Now everywhere you go, you see that little Apple symbol. How did he do it?

Like I said, he innovated, created an excellent product, and went against the grain. His standards were so high that all of the people around him had no choice but to become better and grow as a result.

He was a rebel in his industry. He didn’t just go against the standards in his industry, he created all new standards.

I challenge you to do the same in your business. What is everyone around you doing? How can you do it differently?

Forget trying to be the same as your perceived competitors, just leapfrog the market completely.

You leapfrog the market completely by getting in touch with what makes you authentic. People will always recognize when a brand is in touch with its authenticity. You know what makes you authentic, you just hide it because you think you must put up a certain front to make your potential customers happy.

Getting attention and growing as a brand requires you to stand out. The last thing you want is to swim in the sea of sameness.

You must use the language that your customers use. You must use colors that represent who you are, even if they don’t feel traditional. You must say things that are nontraditional.

If all of your competitors are doing one thing, do something different. If they are all doing ebooks, give a live webinar. If they are all giving away case studies, give a video series. Do anything that feels authentic to you and your strengths.

The women who fought for the right to vote were rebels. Rosa Parks was a rebel. Coming from a place of standing up for what is right and authentic is where real power is held.

This is why I always say authenticity has no competition!

There are probably many things in your industry that drive you and your customers crazy. Be the rebel. Stand up and make a change. Demand that your customers get treated well and they won’t be able to get enough of you.

Worth of mouth will spread quickly when people hear that you aren’t the same. People like to be associated with people who are doing things differently and standing up for what is important. This is how you create a community and get your brand on everyone’s mind.

Make a list today of what makes you different.

Make a list today of what drives you crazy about your industry
Make a list today of how you can bring your authenticity to your business.

Do all of these today and share them as soon as possible. Soon the whole world will be talking about you.


Photo by alan King on Unsplash