What Legacy Are You Leaving?

Who are you choosing to be in this moment? Are you expanding to be your best self, or are you stuck in the muck of negativity and low self-esteem?

Deciding what legacy you’re leaving is taking a clear-eyed look at the way you’re living & being.

When you open your heart to love and positivity, you make room for enthusiasm and self-compassion. You take better care of yourself, get clearer on your needs, and take steps to nurture your dreams.

You can’t do your best work unless you’re being your best self, and being your best self is all about self-love and self-care.

For instance, how do you talk about yourself in your head and with other people? Are you constantly diminishing your achievements and doubting your capabilities/self-worth? Cease and desist! You’re a bright, beautiful human being, and you serve no one when you downplay your awesomeness.

You’re here to live, love, and shine, and it all starts with the words and beliefs you accept to be true about yourself.

I’m not talking about being happy all the time no matter what. I’m talking about seeing yourself as you really are, not comparing yourself to other people or some impossible ideal of who you think you “should” be.

What does this have to do with your legacy?


Can you imagine how powerful you’d be if you showered your cells with love every day? If you believed in your ability to succeed? If the strength of your vision overcame the strength of your objection?

Becoming aware of who you’re being gives you a snapshot of the legacy you’re leaving. You want to show up in a way that lets you serve the world from a pure, nourishing place. You want to rock a mindset brimming with love, joy, and a big can of whoop-ass. You want to be all of yourself, your true self, who you are underneath your negative beliefs and old stories. When you decide to be positive and proactive, you become unstoppable.

All this means you get to treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. When you’re your own best girlfriend, you’re less likely to tear yourself apart, and much more likely to be loving, encouraging, and supportive of yourself at all times, even when you fall. You respect yourself more, pay better attention to your dreams, and commit to doing the things that move you forward. Who you are and what you believe sync with the frequencies of self-love and self-care, and you find it easier to grow into your best self.

So right now, ask yourself where you’re at with these questions:

  1. Who am I?

  2. What am I here to do?

  3. What do I believe to be true of myself?

  4. What am I really capable of?

  5. How am I showing up in the world?

Take some time to explore your answers in your journal or a blank Google Doc. Dig deep into what you believe, then hold it up to light & love, and ask if it’s really true. We often beat ourselves up over non-existent or impermanent flaws, so be sure you’re not hurling barbs at yourself because that’s what you’ve always done. Challenge yourself to explore acting from the positive, loving mindset of a woman confident in her self-worth, abilities, and genuine unique gifts.

When you choose to operate from a place of love and possibility, you tap into the power and magic of being your brilliant, beautiful self. You free yourself to dance through life with a smile in your heart and a skip in your step. You free yourself to be the woman you were born to be: whole, powerful, gorgeous, and loved. Always loved.

How will we remember you? Claim your power in the comments below.