The Secret Behind Client Attraction

Hey you

We need to talk. (The good kind, don’t worry.)

Are you struggling to attract customers and business?

It’s hard, I get it.  You just want the clients to instantly get how amazing you are and beg you to work with them

You want to know the real secret to getting customers to love you?

You have to love yourself first.

If you aren’t completely enamored with yourself, how can anyone else be?

But that is just the first step.

After that, you have to be committed to engaging in direct contact and follow-up, networking and referral building, writing, publicity, speaking, coaching, consulting, training, product creation and philanthropic endeavors.

Does that sound overwhelming?

It might at first, but I promise as you fall in love yourself and understand the value you bring to the world, you will begin to understand that it is your duty to share your gifts.

You will be happy to know that there are so many different ways to share your gifts and will slowly grow excited about all of the possible avenues you have to bring value and help others.

Many of us women feel timid about talking about ourselves and what we do because we think it comes across as arrogant. It’s only arrogant if you aren’t truly providing help for other people, but if you know that what you do trulyhelps people while also aligning with the core of who you are then it is only arrogant to keep that value to yourself.

When you love yourself, love your business, and love your customers and clients, other people will feel those vibrations and automatically be drawn to you. We feel icky about some business people because deep in our hearts we can feel one of those pieces missing and we know something is simply not right.

This all ties into one of my deepest core beliefs: That authenticity has no competition.

When you are authentic, no one can compare to what you bring. You bring your own stories, thoughts, beliefs, and value to the world in a way that is different to how others would approach your same service.

It took me many years of ups and downs, successes and failures, riches and no riches, to understand that I was not in the business of competing with others; I was in the business of loving the core of who I am and what I do.

Not understanding your value leads to all kinds of mistakes: doing free work for people who don’t value you, undercharging for your products and services, working far too hard to bring in far too little, taking client calls when you promised your children you would spend time with them, delivering on that late-night project without charging a rush delivery fee… Any of that sound familiar?

Honey, believe me we have all been there. Sometimes we justify it by saying that we are simply “paying our dues”, but there is a huge difference between the cost of entry and being walked all over.

Promise yourself that you are going to think deeply about the value you bring and how you serve others. Understand that you are an individual and you deserve to always be treated with respect.

This is the real secret to client attraction.

Always with love, Kadena