The Most Important Word in Business is YES

What’s the most important word in business?

Did you guess:

All of those are important, but the most important word is: YES!

“Yes!” is what you want your potential customer to say when they come to your website.
“Yes!” is what you want them to say when they see the services you offer.
“Yes!” is what you want them to say when they hire you.

Anything less than an enthusiastic “Yes!” is a missed sale.

The question is: How do you get them enthusiastic about you?

Here are some simple tips to get customers raving about you and get them saying YES:

1. Use the language they use.

We have all seen too much industry jargon out on the Internet and nothing will turn your customers off more than sounding like a robot. I know that it sounds like “common sense”, however trust me, it is not. For YEARS, I was using corporate speak and did not realize it until I took a copywriting class. It takes courage to be yourself however people are buying the experience of “you”. Therefore, connect with people by using  the language that they use. Study your ideal client, interview them, and read through all of your marketing materials with a fine tooth comb so you are communicating heart to heart with everyone you meet.

2. Break down the big decisions for them.

We can get really defensive about our creations and sometimes get really annoyed when people have questions. It has really helped to calm my nerves if I look at every offer from various lenses.  Therefore, you are encouraged to put yourself in their shoes and imagine all of objections they would have about hiring you. Then, find the reason why those objections aren’t true. Break down each and every barrier so the only thing left they have to say is, “Yes.”

3. Create deadlines.

Procrastination is not a cute character trait. Far too many of us waste time with the non-essential.  We forget that making decisions rapidly is the hallmark of a leader. Give them a time frame to make their decisions by. If they have forever to decide, they might take that long. It will also give you the ability to look at your calendar and know what is coming your way.

4. Get testimonials.

Getting other people to swear by your work improves your chances of becoming a “no-brainer” when it comes to hiring you.

Being in demand is a big deal when it comes to securing new clients. People like to feel included in a select group. Treating your clients with love, respect and appreciation creates loyalty. If you need a reminder, look at the fans of The Grateful Dead, or the Harley Davidson Owners Group (HOGS).

5. Schedule a CLARITY session!

Creating a carefully crafted message isn’t easy. Getting in alignment with your inner core and how that relates to your business is the secret to building a profitable business. This is how I help my clients shift from where they are to where they yearn to be.