All-You-Can Eat-Buffet Business Model

The all-you-can-eat-buffet business model offers members unlimited access to your rich resource library. This library is a specific slice of life they’re intensely interested in.

They access your evergreen content through a paid username and login password combo that’s valid as long as they’re members.

There’s more content than they can use in one go, and it’s often laid out so that new members can scan a list and start using the resources they need at any given moment.

Pause with me here.

You know your ideal audience.

You care about them deeply.

You’re here to help them win.

How do you do with all that?

Pour that fire into magnetic content that draws them into relationship with you. Think about their main problems, needs, and desires, and share your ideas with them. Show them that you feel their pain and you long to ease it.

Nurture these relationships through recurring monthly, quarterly, or yearly membership subscriptions.

This business model is a no-brainer for members because an attractive price connects them to your extensive resources. Obviously, some content will be more useful and valuable than others, but the offer is a single package they can unwrap as they will.




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Since members can’t use all your resources fast enough and you’re regularly adding valuable new content, they always have a reason to stay with you.

You need a lot of unique, useful, and relevant content so that your offer’s irresistible.

Don’t have that much at your fingertips?

Breathe easy.

You can partner with others and share the profits; hire people to create content for you (if you can afford it); or make a licensing agreement with someone who has valuable content and add it to your library.

Members keep coming back when they’re using and loving your content, so get creative about keeping things fresh and exciting for them.

As a solopreneur, it might be tough to gather enough content for such a rich library all on your own. Consider partnering with colleagues you respect and trust, combining all your resources, and sharing the profits you get from a premium membership community.

On the other hand, if you’ve been actively working in your industry for a few years, you probably have more content than you think.

Take some time to list all:

– handouts, guides, or tutorials you’ve created for your clients/students,

– presentations you’ve created for events you contributed to,

– downloadable material you’ve created and shared with one-on-one clients or in group workshops,

– in-depth blog posts and articles you’ve written in the past that can become more valuable with some workbooks,

– content you’ve created for publications which you now have the rights to,

– books you’ve written, and

– courses you’ve created.

Go over each piece of content. Choose what you can share right away, what you can update & reuse, and what you can break down into smaller bits that still make sense on their own.

For instance, if you’re a dance teacher, you can create a series of short videos teaching dance steps and proper breathing. Infuse your style in them and upload to your content library. Add more videos regularly so members look forward to what’s next.

If you’re a graphic designer, you can create a library of icons and other visuals you design and offer them to your members. Make short tutorials on simple designs they can do on their own or how to select the right graphic designer for their needs. Do Q&A sessions so they get a feel for your personality and how much you care about them.

Bottom line?

Pamper and delight your members.

Draw them back for more.

Pour your genius out.

Yes, now. 

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Photo Credit by CBX. on Unsplash