Yes, Now

Yes to the flow.

Yes to the visions and dreams swirling in your heart.

Yes to the projects budding in your soul.

Yes to the electricity buzzing in your veins.

Yes to standing up, speaking up, and rocking out.

Yes to your message. Yes to your truth. Yes to walking in your purpose and growing through every challenge.

Yes, now. Because you’ve been silent long enough.

Yes, now. Because staying passive is no longer an option.

Yes, now. Because you’re leaping forward and ditching all the naysayers.

Yes, now. Because you choose to start with what you’ve got and let it be enough.

Yes, now. Because you trust your vision will unfurl as you act on it.

Yes, now. Because you’re tired of being heavy with all the goodness you’re not birthing, sharing, and spreading.

Yes, now. Because you’re a Queen ready to rule like never before.

Yes, now. Because right now, this moment, is where you begin living, loving, and creating out loud.

No more silence.

No more stasis.

No more watching other women soaring and dazzling while you’re feeling left out.

No more waiting for the perfect time, place, or opportunity.

No more playing small.

Yes, now.

Yes, now to taking up space and owning it.

Yes, now to getting on stage, amplifying your message, and rocking your mission.

Yes, now to showing up and giving it all you’ve got.

Yes, now to thinking, dreaming, and living the big life roaring in your veins.

Yes, now.

This is your moment. Let’s begin!