Business Clarity. Want some? (Free PlayBook Inside!)

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We live in a world that values conformity. Everything, from the books you read to the clothes you wear to the zip code you live in, all the way over to your business model and brand design has roots in what your friends & peers are or aren’t doing. There’s nothing wrong in having the same tastes as your friends, but what happens when those similarities start to eclipse your true being?

I’ve met far too many female entrepreneurs, like myself, who’ve struggled with embodying the belief that authenticity has no competition. Therefore, my desire is to help you discover the clarity needed to build a business that honors the truth of you and those whom you are called to serve. 

You know that you’ve got what it takes to create your dream business, but you also know that you need to make some serious changes. You are sick and tired of swimming in the sea of sameness. You are also sick and tired of perfectionism, procrastination and the cycle of over-giving and under-earning. 

You’re ready for a quantum leap – you could just use someone to help you decide what to commit to and what to let go of so you can rock your business. Well, I’ve been there myself and I can lead you out of chaos into clarity


Completing the Get Clarity playbook is the first step in honoring your commitment to grow yourself and your business.

May this playbook serve as a reminder that you’re free to design a business that’s wholly, divinely, beautifully You.

Click HERE to download your copy.

I believe in you and in the beauty of your dreams.


Kadena Tate