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Revenue Strategist

The world economy leaves US$160 trillion on the table every year because women were unused, underused or underpaid.
— Kristalina Georgieva, CEO of the World Bank

I want to live in a world where every woman knows how to monetize and productize her wisdom.

Hello, my name is Kadena Tate.  I'm deeply honored that you've landed on my website. 

I am a revenue strategist who loves helping entrepreneurial authors and writers create products, services, and live events that help their clientele to express and experience more love, vitality, joy, peace and prosperity.

This website was designed with  you, the female entrepreneur in mind.

I'm happy to support you in building a life + business  that allows you to be yourself, without apology.

You see, I want to live in a world where every woman knows how to monetize and productize her wisdom.

It breaks my heart when I see female entrepreneurs spin in/out of masculine energy, perfectionism, proving and people-pleasing just to earn money.

It frustrates me when women lack the resources to fund the projects that bring them joy AND uplift humanity.

I want you to have a business that is filled with passion, play, pleasure and profit.

My work is designed to show you how to create a pleasurable and profitable business model with both active and passive revenue streams.


My work is designed to support you in creating a pleasurable and profitable business model with both active and passive revenue streams.

Our work together involves mixing and matching elements from one or more of the following revenue models (profit centers):

  1. Publishing centric (Create digital and physical information products and/or apps, software, software as a service, card deck, etc.)

  2. Coaching/Consulting centric (Create individual/group coaching, masterminds, VIP days, etc.)

  3. Speaking centric (Create "experiences")  (online – webinars, tele-seminars, virtual conferences, etc.)  (Offline – live events, boot camps, workshops, conferences, trade shows, etc.)

  4. Continuity/Community centric (Create an association and/or membership program)

  5. Training centric (Create an online/offline academy, licensing or certification  programs)

  6. Media centric (Create a tv/radio show, play, short film, documentary,  movie, video, and/or photographs, music , etc.)

  7. Travel centric (Create retreats, adventure trips, cruises, etc.)


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Get to know me. If you like what you see, here on this website, and on companion social media sites, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll enjoy the experience of working together.

Wishing you all the best, Kadena


More About Kadena Tate

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As far back as I can remember, I’ve understood the power of words.

Words can heal and destroy.

I do my best to live a life where my words, both verbal and written, open hearts and expand minds.

I’ve been quite blessed to participate in a few collaborative book projects, in addition to writing my own book, that all have the intention of expanding your paradigm of possibility.

With that in mind, may the words written in these books educate, uplift, inspire and encourage you to “live your best life”.

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Your intellectual property is your truest measure of differentiation in the marketplace. The employees inside of your organization possess a wealth of knowledge - if properly packaged - that can catapult your profits. Now is the time to release the wealth of potential and position yourself as a leader in the marketplace.

I am an audience-centric speaker. I don’t stand in front of the room and preach or teach.  I’d rather keep it real and reveal how you can radically transform your business by making slight adjustments to your business model.

You will walk away not only “inspired”, but more importantly, with clarity about how to take action and implement.

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Satisfied Clients

Here is a collection of love notes from women

who stepped onto the Feminine Path of Monetization with Kadena Tate.

Kadena’s clients have been featured on Good Morning America, Huffington Post Live, The Today Show with Tamron Hall, AriseTV,  BET, WFAA 8 (ABC), KTVT Dallas/Ft. Worth (CBS), FOX 4 KDFW, SModa- International Spain Magazine, The New York Post, Fox 5 News NY, News 12 NY, NY 1, The Daily News, The New York Times, Essence Magazine, Natural Awakenings Magazine, Women's Health Magazine, D CEO Magazine, Ebony Magazine, ABC Money Matters, Black Enterprise, Dr. OZ, The Bethenny Show, CNN iReport, Hot97 Street Soldiers with Lisa Evers, Tom Joyner Morning Show, as well as numerous online publications and over 100 online radio shows.


When I came to Kadena I was all over the place in my business. Lots of projects and ideas started but none seen through to completion.

Kadena helped me gain the confidence and discipline to develop and complete the content my audience wanted.

I created a The Overcoming Woman Program including DVDs and a workbook and now am proud to have a quality offering on my website and to offer as a bonus to my coaching clients.

Kathy Taylor. http://kathytaylorinternational.com  


300% increase in sales in less than 4 months! Thank you Kadena!

 Gillian Cunningham, Real Estate Broker, President Prestique Realty, http://www.GillianCunningham.com


Kadena is a marketing machine! I would never have thought to create a DVD of a class that I was going to teach, but Kadena was able to help me see the possibilities of not only producing a physical product, but how it could be incorporated into various packaged offerings.

She has a dynamic knowledge of a wide variety of tech-savvy options for growing your business, something that always scared me before working with her.

I now am the proud owner of my very own DVD! I’m working on a couple of other projects that will tie in quite nicely with this, too…all thanks to the inspiration that Kadena provides.

She is a treasure trove of tidbits and techniques, and I’ll be forever grateful to her for agreeing to take me on as a client.

Beverly Biehl, http://www.TheIntuitiveInterior.com


I lacked focus and direction, and I had no idea whether I should be creating a group coaching program, a video series, or a live event. Kadena showed me how to get unstuck and clear on my offerings.

I stepped out of website shame and also created a 31 Day Dream Job Plan. I was able to sign up 5 people in less than 30 days. I now have the courage and confidence to market my offers with ease.

Tammy Perry, http://www.dreamwithtammy.com  



Coaching with Kadena is like working with someone who can see straight through to your soul. She sees your purpose in the world with lightening speed and presents you to the possibility of living to your greatest potential. I have never met another like her!  I had no focus, no intention. She was able to narrow down the marketing channels that would best suit my coaching business and benefit me exponentially. I learned that clearer I am about who I am what I offer the world and who I want to attract into my life makes all the difference in the world. I began so things more clearly from a place of love. I learned to value what I do as unique to the world and worthy of the price I assign to my services!

Nicole S. Patterson, M.Ed, Professional Life Coach, Accomplishment Coaching Affiliate


I’ve created a 6-figure income, grew my list to over 5,000 and filled my Activate conferences.

Lucinda Cross, Chief Activator, http://www.LucindaCross.com




Before working with Kadena, I was really conflicted on how to move forward in my business. Working with Kadena opened my eyes to owning my various talents and abilities
as well as how to use them as my greatest strengths.

She also showed me step-by- step how to fully and creatively monetize them over the long-term in a way that fits my busy lifestyle as well as who I am at soul level.
As a result, I am now experiencing significant growth in my business, greater confidence and satisfaction in my work.

Kadena is one of the most talented, generous, spiritually-connected women and professional I have ever had the honor to work with. If you’re NOT working with Kadena, you’re missing out. She is well worth the investment!

-Anne Weismantel Kjellgren, Rapid Change Architect and Business Turnaround Specialist, http://www.YourRapidTurnAround.com



Kadena pulls the best brand out of you and helps you clarify so you can move forward with confidence and really capture your market.
She has personally helped me rebrand and it’s been a blessing! If you’re ready for next level strategies, creativity and are brave enough — connect with Kadena now!

– Pam Perry, Social Media PR Solutions, http://www.PamPerryPR.com 


I’ve always considered myself a highly resilient woman. Yet, when I took the decision to step into a new role in my life and build my own business, I was terrified and did not know where to really start.

Kadena helped me get clear on my business model, my offerings and my marketing strategy.

But most importantly, I made peace with the fear of being imperfect or making any mistakes.

Vanessa Mentor, http://www.VanessaMentor.com


I had sooo many ideas that I did not know where to begin and I truly had no idea whether I should be developing a website, building a community, or writing a book.

Kadena helped me create a strategy that not only organized all my ideas, I was able to step out of idea overwhelm and establish an academy for single mothers with grace and ease.

Sang Thi Duong, http://www.Sangtastik.com


Kadena Tate is a force. Kadena helped me narrow in on my goals and plans with an easy to follow system to propel my business forward. I finally feel like I am using all of my gifts and talents to my fullest capacity.

Working with Kadena is a game-changer. With her help, I was able to achieve a record breaking month during our 90 days!! Plus create and launch my next 2 big programs.  If you are an entrepreneurial leader, you need Kadena! You can accomplish any of your goals with her streamlined, focused, and expert approach to business model design.

Diane Cunningham, M.Ed. is the former President and Founder of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs®, a global association where women meet to connect, create, and collaborate. http://dianecunningham.com/about/ 


Kadena Tate is the ultimate resource. She gave me one idea that I immediately implemented and it added instant income to my bank account!

Cheryl Cook, CEO, Small Biz BIG Results, http://www.smallbizbigresults.com


As an Entrepreneur and Coach of other entrepreneurs it is very easy to get caught up in the fast moving pace of everyone else’s goals.  I found myself focusing on my clients’ goals that I realized I was spinning with ideas for my own business.  I booked a 1/2 day Clarity VIP session with Kadena Tate  to help me focus, stop spinning and get clear on my offerings. 

During our time together, we created the foundation for multiple streams of revenue - a VIP day, 12 week online course and 2 live webinar trainings.

I feel a renewed sense of confidence and am excited to bring these new offerings to my tribe. Thank you Kadena!

Melinda Cooper, www.livingthedreambusiness.com

P.S. I’m thankful that I was able to get on Kadena’s busy schedule for our very special VIP Day and highly recommend that you reach out for your opportunity to work with Kadena Tate (#50ShadesofPaid)



Before I met Kadena, I was a new coach who did not have any clients and I was not clear on how to market myself in my new business. Through working with Kadena, I found facility with marketing myself as a coach and now have greater levels of confidence and presense with prospective clients. Only three weeks after working with Kadena, I had a paying client.  Now, I have a thriving business and I am not afraid to get out there and know I am worth it!  I highly recommend working with Kadena.

Jeanette Ninyo-Pearson, Women's Empowerment Coach and Mentor, http://www.jeanettepearson.com  



Gorgeous! Gifted! Generous!” absolutely describe Kadena Tate. Before meeting Ms. Tate,  I had been engrossed in months of research and home study, mostly working in isolation to
develop my new business concept, program packages and marketing plan. My laser coaching session with Ms. Tate was the clarifying breakthrough that I needed.

Within hours, Kadena showed me exactly how to start monetizing my business. Her intelligent guidance and intuitive questioning are helping me proceed on my business path
with greater confidence and joy. Kadena Tate is a blessing!

– Leia Lewis Henderson, Your Soulful Grower and Success Coach, http://www.LeiaLewis.com



Kadena’s coaching has been most helpful to me in my professional and personal development. She is a dedicated, smart and creative person who is a joy to know.

Kadena helped me to identify new revenue streams and business opportunities to grow my business. She has excellent resources and is always happy to not only share them, but take
the time to strategize and maximize opportunities.

As a result of working with Kadena, I have been able to leverage exciting and fresh marketing approaches to expand my client base. She is a gem!

— Susan Young, PR and Communications Expert at Get in Front Communications, Speaker, Author, http://www.GetInFrontCommunications.com


There is only one word for Kadena – inspiring! She helps you get in touch with your inner core and teaches you to listen to yourself.
Kadena helped me realize what I truly wanted in life and helped give me the keys to unlock my future. I am forever thankful for her knowledge, time, and patience with me as a client.
I highly recommend Kadena if you are looking to grow your business, change your profession, or go to the next level.

– Christy Wiseman, McKinney, Texas



Coaching with Kadena has made me a better person because of her shining spirit. She has a beautiful way of sharing her wisdom, knowledge and expertise so generously. Because of her multitude of recommended resources, I now have an arsenal of tools at my disposal and the blueprint for success. I’m thrilled to report I have my first paying client after this 28-day cycle. Kadena is a true gift, a gem.      

Geri Romero-Roybal, COO, Personalized Support Services, geri.romero-roybal@comcast.net